NOAH´S BUNKER First Two Chapters For Free. (It´s Time You Know the Truth)

Noah´s Bunker


Nuclear War? Water Storage? Ecology ? Hackers ? Smoke Screens ?

Read the novel that shocked the Spanish readers and captivated critics.

Poiccard León, a journalist from third row, mistakenly receives a mysterious email . Curiosity will lead you to try to find the sender with dangerous consequences.

In Dresden, Germany, an ecologist with anarchist tendencies is visited by representatives of a secret division of the government of the United States and, in Armenia, a nuclear physicist collaborate with the organization in order to help his sick daughter.

What initially started as an investigation into a strange bunker dedicated to storing large amounts of water beneath the desert of Nebraska, will become a frantic escape. The protagonists of this story will reveal a terrible secret that involve the President of the United States.
You thought you had heard all about climate change, international conflicts and hacktivism ? It’s Time You Know the Truth.

Discover a novel whose characters have fascinated readers : Leon Poiccard, anti seductive hero, with a Mediterranean flavor, addicted to Campari, reminiscent of George Clooney, James Bond, Antonio Banderas and fiction writer Richard Castle; Maribel Salgado, a fascinating, beautiful and intelligent woman and other characters that will not leave you indifferent.

A different novel, a cool dystopia, full of good humor, cultural winks and 100% real information.

Read the Spanish Opinions and Noah´s Bunker first two chapters


NOAH´S BUNKER Coming on February, 2014

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